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    Gestational Diabetes Diet Plan

    A gestational diabetes diet plan is necessary to help protect your long term health and the health of your baby. Most women dont know how to cure gestational diabetes, but all it takes is a proper 5-step diet plan. You, like me, are probably tired of hearing about this or that diet plan. The science is in and the evidence is out: the only other thing that comes close to being as important as good gestational diabetes diet plan is your beliefs and attitudes toward your health. There couldnt be a more important time in both your lives than now, to discover the healing edge of eating and thinking in a more empowering fashion. Isnt it funny how Mother Nature gives nutritional priority to the newly developing life growing inside your body? This is exactly why a diet plan for preventing, treati
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    Diabetes Has Been Cured!

    Thats what the front page of the New York Times and the covers of all the big magazines should be printing. The reality of the matter is you can expect mainstream media to be the last to ever publish an event like this because then they would lose their biggest sponsors: the drug manufacturers of the world. Fact is getting control of Americas diabetes epidemic demands the public gain a better understanding of diabetes known causes. The emergence of Metabolic Syndrome X has leaked some key findings through the big media cracks, but many health seekers have already started to solve this epidemic puzzle on their own. Lets speed this up a little and put some of this leaked out information about diabetes and related illnesses together. Many scientific studies have shown an obvious connec
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    Research into Type 2 Diabetes Remedies

    Type 2 diabetes is quickly becoming the most common form of diabetes, accounting for about 90% of all newly diagnosed cases. This particular type of diabetes is caused by the bodys inability to properly use the insulin that is secreted by the pancreas. Without insulin, the cells cannot process the glucose that generated during digestion. In recent years, medical research has been conducted that examines the efficacy of natural type 2 diabetes remedies. The resulting data has led many medical experts to recommend natural remedies for this life-threatening disease. Findings of Medical Research for a Natural Diabetes Cure According to medical research conducted at Harvard University, turmeric spices have anti-oxidant properties that will reduce inflammation and help increase the c
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    How To Go Beyond Diabetes Symptoms

    Did you know diabetes symptoms are caused from inflammation? Truth is every degenerative disease is at least associated with diabetes. There are real doctors all over the world preventing, treating and curing diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2 using diet and lifestyle changesNOT drugs! Most people I mention this to immediately defend their diabetes type 1 by proclaiming that it cant be cured. Some of them actually get visually upset if you try to tell them the truth about their diabetes, whether its type 1, 2 or 3. Like doctor, like patient. If you ask anyone with diabetes type 1, what causes it? They will tell you no one knows. This tells me their doctor doesnt know. Its the first thing most doctors tell people before they write them a prescription for what they assume is their only cho
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    The Best Herbal Remedies for Type 2 Diabetes

    Diabetes patients often experience stages of extremely high blood sugar. This is because their bodies are not working properly at the cellular level their cells cannot use the insulin that is produced by the pancreas. This inability to use insulin is the reason for high blood sugar, which is the reason for diabetes. However, it is possible to treat this life-threatening disease through herbal remedies and a few lifestyle changes. If you are hoping to reverse the effects of type 2 diabetes, this article will teach you how to accomplish this. Herbal Remedies for Type 2 Diabetes In order to treat type 2 diabetes naturally, you need to know which herbs can be used to lower your blood sugar. One of the most effective herbal diabetes remedies is salacia oblonga. This herb will help the ce
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    Dangerously Sweet: High Fructose Corn Syrup and Diabetes

    While those within the fructose industry lead us to believe high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is like any other sugar we use (cue the bad commercials), there are many food and health professionals that strongly believe otherwise. Not to mention a 2012 study, published in the Journal of Global Health, has found that countries using high fructose corn syrup have 20% higher rate of diabetes than countries that dont. But, why is that? While the Corn Refiners Association says that HFCS is healthy when consumed in moderation, just like table sugar, there is an important difference between the two: corn syrup does not turn off the appetite. In fact, it does quite the opposite. For diabetics, HFCS does not stimulate insulin secretion or reduce ghrelin, the hormone that tells us were hungry. Instead
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    Barton publishing - Diabetes Is A "Green" Deficiency

    Diabetes is an immune system imbalance, which begins with the loss of energy at the cellular level. Restore balance and increase life energy with food and exercise. Green plant blood, or chlorophyll, is virtually the same as red human blood, except instead of having a molecule of iron at the core plants have magnesium. As it turns out, magnesium plays a key role in more than 300 enzyme metabolisms, acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory, plus is a major cofactor in helping cells absorb vitamins. Another interesting fact is when you eat processed or cooked foods; they literally activate low-grade inflammation by triggering your immune system to make too many white blood cells. This whole process depletes the “green” mineral magnesium and leads to insulin resistance. Insulin resist
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    Reverse Diabetes with Bacteria

    Once again, gut bacteria proves to affect our health far more than we realized. Science has discovered that those who have diabetes, also have high levels of pathogens (bad bacteria) in their intestinal tract compared to those without diabetes! This discovery only reinforces what natural health practitioners like myself have said for years: Your gut is the center of your health. It is truly incredible what a healthy gut can do for the body! This new research validates the fact that a healthy gut can prevent diseases. It turns out that the microflora in your digestive tract may play a role in the development (or reversal!) of diabetes. In this recent study, scientists were able to determine that over half of those with Type 2 diabetes had a digestive tract riddled with toxic b
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    Barton Publishing Company - 3 Simple Steps to Reverse Your Pre-Diabete

    Its scary to hear that you are on the pre-diabetes track; even scarier that 11% of people pre-diagnosed develop type 2 diabetes within a year. (WebMd.com) But instead of feeling helpless its time to feel empowered. While reversing pre-diabetes diagnosis can seem daunting, simple lifestyle changes can be all you need to get back to square one. The route to reversing your pre-diabetes diagnosis is similar to the pillars of living a healthy life; these 3 simple changes can be all that you need. Build them into your routine now and avoid diabetes all together. Tweak Your Diet One of the most significant reasons you are now pre-diabetes is most likely your diet. Years of ingesting fattening, high caloric foods have caused serious damage to your body and insulin sensitivity. Eating healthy will
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    Barton Publishing Company - How to STOP Pre-Diabetes, Insulin Resistan

    The name of your health issue isnt the problem, its the belief behind the name that either binds you or sets you free. Nothing is as powerful as your choice to believe in a cure or a disease. Your mind is a powerful instrument and once it decides what it truly wants, then nothing less can stand in its way. IF you feel discouraged about using conventional treatments for diabetes, then youre not alone. The only thing youre responsible for is what you choose to believe. If someone tells you no one knows the cause of diabetes, youre silly to have listened to that. Get it out of your head right this instant! How can anyone claim to know what everyone else in the world knows or doesnt know? If your doctor doesnt know about what the cause or cure for diabetes is, then go find a doctor


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